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    You guys are missing the basic concept of the video though I noticed the video did not show conspicuously the main theme.
    The Road was sprayed with a Polymer after scarify before the compacting.
    The polymer helps to hold the soil together and stronger

  2. SLR

    The video suggests excavate the top layer of the existing earthen road and spray water on it and then compact the then prepared material by rolling. Thus formed road is low cost road. What is the concept and knowledge shared by this video? Referring to your video, you recently increased the cost of road which is by far low cost already by your intellectual. Getting more close up to the video, I find the road of somewhere else is low cost road and the vehicle is moving on the same road with same conditions even after your concept on low cost road.
    This video is an embarrassment to such a reputed channel like onlinekhabar.

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