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Mimal Vibration Bar

If you are in the building industry and frequently have to compact and smooth horizontal concrete surfaces, this is a tool you must have. This vibrating screed has thick aluminum, rounded edges. The tool is also equipped with a long handle. It is designed in such a way that the concrete vibrates with a low cone slope. The placing of the vibrators guarantees accurate and very stable distribution of the concrete mix. For durability, there is no access to vibrating parts and the tool can thoroughly be cleaned and washed after completion of the job.
Eddy Floor Removing Tool

Tile breaking will never be the same. This tile breaker makes it easy to remove tiles with less physical effort. The ergonomic tool is designed to safely and easily remove old ceramic and porcelain tiles. You can also use it to remove mortar or thin-set. It hammers at 3,600 impacts per minute. The tool comes with a 1, 2 and 3-inch chisel. You can efficiently prepare a floor for new flooring installation.
Eddy Floor Sander

This sandblaster is the ideal tool if you are looking for a high-performance sandblaster for dust-free wooden floor sanding jobs. The tool is ideal for fine work. It is also very durable and features removable cast iron scales and an aluminum housing. The blaster has two removable molded weights that improve efficiency, and an adjustable automatic stop handle for easy and safe handling. The vacuum cleaner bag is powerful, fireproof and safe. Although powerful, the tool is light enough for transportation
Ceresit Insulation System

Professionals in the building renovation industry who frequently have to restore a building’s insulation must use this renovation system. With this system, you save time and additional costs when renovating. With it, you can restore a building’s insulation without removing the old insulation. You can use the system to restore existing insulation when it is severely damaged or is not effective anymore. It is ideal to restore the original insulation when it no longer meets the building's insulation requirements.
Mai Mixer

This all-purpose mixer is very handy to have. It is reasonably priced and small enough to fit in almost every boot. You have this tool ready in a few minutes and you can use it for a variety of applications. It is equipped with a 230V-connection and can use the tool wherever 230V is available. You will find this little mixer ideal for small building sites. It is also handy to reach areas difficult to access. Because of its removable mixing shaft, you never have a problem with clogging. After every job, you can wash it easily.
Mai Grouter Feed Pump

With this feed pump you spray, pump, inject and fill liquid and paste-like compounds. It is designed to be very compact but to deliver extreme performance. At 1.5 kW it offers a smoothly adjustable output of 0.6 to 15.0 liters per minutes. The working pressure is up to 20 bar. For your convenience hose lengths of up to 30m can be reached. It is also the ideal tool for renovating projects. As it works with a 230V single-phase lighting current, you can use it on most sites. With its plastic and stainless steel body and components, it is rust free.
Mearin Drainage Channels

If you agree that drainage for a private residence or for a large construction project must always be easy, then this channel system is a must for you. These channels are extremely light and can be installed by a single worker. You don’t need help from another person or from machines. The channels are designed to be user-friendly. The system is available with different gratings. It is also approved for load classes up to E 600.

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